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Who we are?


elling Fine Wine Online Since 2017!

DuKam Winery is a family oriented business established in 2017. From our 3,000 square foot retail operation in Fyzabad, Trinidad, we produce home-made wines made from local (Trinidad and Tobago) fruits and sell to discerning customers across Trinidad and Tobago and around the world.

Our Journey

The company comprises of my husband (Kenneth Duane Cordner), my son (Kenneth M D Cordner) and myself (Kamalita Kattick-Cordner). The name DuKam actually is a mixture of both my husband’s middle name (Duane) and my name (Kamalita). My husband has always had a passion for making wines from any local fruits he can get his hands on. He learnt the art of making his wines from his grandmother who lived in the countryside of Tobago.
One December, Duane’s cousin came to spend the weekend, and we started making wine in small amounts.
We had even set some potato wine (yes, from actual potatoes)! After approximately four (4) months, we checked our wine and it was crystal clear, the aroma was heavenly and the taste was divine.
A couple of months later we went to a few wine courses. The courses actually showed us what we were doing wrong and how to correct them. e.g. How to set your wine to get the proper alcohol content and the correct sweetness for a dry, medium and sweet wine.
My husband produces wine in large amounts, so I decided to market it out (after all what am I going to do with all this wine in the house). At that time I was working for one of the well-known commercial banks in Trinidad and Tobago. I gave some samples to my co-workers, who in turn gave me a feedback and we tweaked it accordingly.
We got a positive response, so we decided to see how it would be in the public. We started selling on the market, predominantly the SouthMarket, which is normally held at Naparima College, C-3, SAPA and recently Gulf City Mall in Trinidad. We were selling once monthly. The response was better than we expected. We then expanded in that we built a winery and we are now producing approximately ten (10) different flavors of wine in both 750mls and 200mls bottles.
Along the way, we had and still do have many challenges, but as with any goal in life, once there is a will, there is a way.
We believe that outstanding value, stellar selection, personal service, and professional knowledge are the cornerstones that have built our loyal following and reputation for excellence.
We are currently exploring the idea of producing a Non-Alcoholic line.
Dukam Winery also takes great pride in offering our customers honest, impartial, and expert wine advice.

Customer Service
At the end of the day, we are only as good as the level of service we provide. This is defined not just by the quality of our wines, but by the quality of our people and their dedication to customer satisfaction. Someone is always available to help you with questions about orders, products, or delivery! Call us at 1 (868) 464-2128 for immediate assistance, or send us an email and someone from our team will get right back to you. We look forward to satisfying and quenching the tastebuds of all our valued customers.

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Why Choose Us?


We’re passionate about wine, and know many of our customers feel the same way. So we are committed to offering the best wine selection, with an emphasis on fine wines.

We Ensure Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to ensure each customer has an exceptional wine-buying experience. Do you need an expert recommendation for a wine? Or do you know what you want, and just need directions to the right aisle? Whether you are new to the world of wine or a great wine enthusiast, we want all our customers to be confident and comfortable exploring our stores and selecting the wines they prefer.

We Focus On Quality

All of our wine is made with local fruits. We also carry an extensive selection of 100% organic wines, including many that are biodynamic as well. By organic and biodynamic we mean that the fruits are grown without the use of synthetic pesticides and are non-GMO. It also means that the growers focus on improving soil health, biodiversity, and contributing to a healthy environment.

Price and Affordabiiity

We have the best quality at the most affordable price…period.

Company History

Passion / 100%
Customer Satisfaction / 100%
Quality / 100%
Affordability / 100%
Dukam Winery